Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Carried Away By A Notion


  1. This is so fantastic. Whimsical comes to mind when I see the figure in white. I wish I had your work hanging on my walls. My house would look amazing and it would bring me happiness. Your blogs is one of the most visually pleasing that I have seen. I love it when you post something new, and would love to know the whole process that goes into each creation.

  2. Thank you Davida! I guess I need to write an intro to this blog.

    I started this work a couple of years ago. I made a decision that I wanted to make art part of my daily life. I found the best way to do that was to make it easily accessible, in a small format and limit my time to one hour, in other words a daily visual art journal. The process has been fascinating. It has become my meditation. Each piece reveals something inside of me that I need to look at or think about...it is really magical!

    I have kept this blog somewhat private and feel like those who find are meant to find it.

    Most of my collages are 6X6 but recently I have been doing 6X9. I rip my images and text from vintage Ladies Home Journal and also use high gloss pages from Veranda magazine...I like mixing the old with the new. I finish each piece with watercolor and fine tip Sharpies, blending the images to make them my own. When I am finished I always see a hidden message.

    I would be happy to make copies of any of my work to sell at a very fair price if you are interested.